VistaEdge Technologies is a strategic Enterprise Solutions company and has vast experience in Information Technology, specializing in providing wide range of services to various industries, including the following services:

VistaEdge's Data Management Services are designed to solve your organization's application maintenance and support problems enabling you to focus on your core business. By combining people, products, best-in-class proprietary project management, technical processes, and software tools, VistaEdge Technologies provides you with high quality solutions.

VistaEdge's broad experience in designing and implementing database solutions coupled with its depth of technical expertise in multiple databases and data tools will bring the data side of a project to fruition with the highest possible degree of integrity and accuracy. While remaining flexible, extensible and portable, VistaEdge Technologies delivers data management at a significantly faster rate of delivery than traditional methods. We offer following services,

  • Data Warehousing: VistaEdge's specialists build flexible data warehouses to meet the changing needs of your business. We provide assistance with data warehouse planning, source data analysis and cleansing, data modeling, data warehouse inter-tool architecture, and software tool evaluations.

  • Data Migration: Comprised of more steps than transferring data, migration planning must consider the technical improvements and advantages to be gained in the new environment. VistaEdge Technologies offers a complete conversion and migration methodology, and is experienced in migrating data across different platforms and technical disciplines.

  • Data Quality: By harnessing the synergies of multiple data analysis tools, such as data profiling, code reengineering, de-duplication and name and address validation packages with proven methodologies, VistaEdge's data analysts lead the industry in defining the true meaning of data, in order to cleanse it before porting it to a new system or environment.

  • Database Design: Our platform-independent approach to database design guarantees data integrity, high quality performance and the elimination of unnecessary redundancy, to provide you with a well-structured database. Logical design models are used to generate physical database models, while database design tools are used throughout the process to preserve the model.

  • Meta-Data Management: VistaEdge Technologies offers automated, methodology-based approach to collect and automatically maintain initial data. Meta-Data is extracted from databases, source code, legacy file systems, and existing documentation, and then homonyms, synonyms and aliases are determined and linked to it. A Meta-Data Repository is then used to maintain the data and associated business rules.

  • Business Intelligence Implementation: VistaEdge Technologies specializes in defining and prioritizing business requirements, assessing strengths and weaknesses of related business processes and technology components, preparing business cases, and devising and implementing comprehensive technology solutions to meet your business requirements.

VistaEdge Technologies differentiates itself by understanding and orienting itself towards business needs, and by following rigorous methodologies in transforming a company's vision and environment to fully utilize today's technologies.

  • Technical Offerings: VistaEdge Technologies can draw from a robust array of technical offerings that cover all aspects of the broad definition of Application Development to meet your business needs. VistaEdge Technologies focuses on the following offerings,

  • Enterprise Portal Solutions: Services for planning, implementing and deploying Enterprise Portals that enable a single point of user access into corporate information systems.

  • Content/Document Management: Expertise in all aspects of content creation, publishing, workflow, and presentation including management of content for enterprise portals.

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Analyzing the business model and its current set of applications and infrastructure, and re-architecting it to facilitate the efficient exchange of information between all applications.

  • Application Framework Approach: Providing both technology-focused (horizontal) and business-oriented (vertical), industry-specific frameworks that maximize application programmer productivity and enable rapid development of new solutions.

  • Business Process Management: Defines current business processes and outlines how to transform them into transactional models across the enterprise to support qualified opportunities. This transformation includes business process re-engineering, unified information portals, and the full integration of legacy systems with new web-based technologies.

VistaEdge Technologies is committed to providing quality software development services by skilled employees. One of the reasons for our success is the highly skilled and dedicated professionals on our staff. These professionals are committed to providing top quality services. To attract and retain these valuable professionals, our goal is to continue to provide an environment of professional growth and job satisfaction to our employees and business associates.

We hire only high quality, experienced consultants who have a good work ethic and great attitude. VistaEdge Technologies strives to provide an environment of professional growth and job satisfaction to our employees.

VistaEdge Technologies provides staffing of IT professionals with experience in :

  • Project Management
  • Software design and development
  • Database design and database management
  • System support (data,network,operating systems)
  • User systems and production support

VistaEdge's User Interface (UI) Design team is made of UI design specialists that focus on designing interfaces that put the user, rather than the system, at the center of the process. This methodology incorporates user concerns and expectations throughout, and demands that the needs of the user be foremost in any design decision we make.

The UI Design Practice adheres to a set of well-established UI and usability engineering techniques that solve design problems and give proof what we create really works. Usability testing is often the most valuable step in our methodology because the results remove personal preferences and opinions from the table and help steer the design towards one that proves to be the most usable. Because in the world of UI, the design that proves to be most usable always wins.